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There are three levels of AIR Network Providers

Trained Providers:

Completed 50 hours of Advanced Training

Certified Providers:

Completed 50 hours Advanced training plus 

at least 20 hours of consultation with the originators

Patti Miller, MA LP, Phyllis Solon PsyD, LP or Dawn McClelland, PhD, LP

or one of our Certified AIR Consultants:

Angela DelFiacco, MA, LMFT, Chuck Benincasa, PsyD, LP, Musheera Anis Abdelatiff, MD, PhD, Jody Goldie, MFT, LMFT 

Certified AIR Consultants:

Meet all criteria for certified providers and

Complete a 1.5-2 year intensive with the Originators of the AIR Model

Our Provider data base is currently being revamped and updated

We hope to have it posted ASAP

If you would like to get an email when it is up please let us know

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